We offer consultancy across a diverse range of industries and help you deliver quality results.



We offer engineering & project management classes and workshops - customized for your needs.


We offer assessment and evaluation services for industry and grants.



We specialize in engineering education research covering a variety of methods.


Welcome to E4S, LLC!  

Each of our services acts as a leg of a table that is supported and balanced to hold a variety of products.  Our services are "Engineered 4 Success" and allow us to "Educate 4 Success", "Evaluate 4 Success", and "Evolve 4 Success".  Please explore our website and contact us with questions or work inquiries.   

Engineer + Educate + Evaluate + Evolve = Success

Why E4S?

E4S was founded with the vision of working with others to improve their output.  As the founder, my mission was to use my combination of teaching, research, evaluation, and industry experience to provide customers with comprehensive support.  We are at the center of a venn diagram that includes education, research, experience, and evaluation.  Why? Because teaching benefits from research and industry experience - we know the theory and understand the application.  Research and evaluation benefit from industry and teaching experience - We plan and manage projects using sound project management principles and clearly communicate findings.  And consulting benefits from research and teaching – We use knowledge of theory and frameworks to conduct research based analysis and educate others as we collaboratively work on projects. 

We use a transformative and adaptive leadership style to assist client’s in developing transferrable skills to use on their next and next projects.


We look forward to working With you to solve Your problems! 

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