Program Evaluation

Evaluation and assessments are similar, but different.  We subscribe to the idea that work documents should be assessed for possible improvement prior to use and the overall project evaluated (measured) against the requirements of the proposal or contract.  Thus, we intend to assess work during the project and evaluate ihe value of the work at specified points.  For simplicity, we refer to this work as Program evaluation.  

Good program evaluators understand the content area of the work being evaluated.  Good program evaluators know how to disect the work into measurable goals.  And, we believe, good program evaluators work with you as you write your proposals to ensure it is written with a thorough and executable assessment and evaluation plan.


Good program evaluation requires good program managers.  We have extensive program management experience and Dr. Carrico maintains a PMP certification.


We have program evaluation experience with a variety of federally funded grants, STEM outreach programs, and 501c3 programs.  


Please contact us with requests to work with you on your next program.


Typical program evaluation work includes:

  • Work with proposal team to develop the Evaluation Plan and data collection/analysis sections of the proposal
  • Develop a program mapping of purpose, objectives, goals, and research questions to methods, resources, schedule, and outcomes to assist the program team with remaining on target
  • Participate in occassional team meetings  
  • Assess data collection instruments and data analysis methods prior to their use with real-time and formal feedback
  • Evaluate effectiveness of team regarding timing of data collection,interpretation of analysis, schedule, and team collaboration; making recommendations for improvement, as appropriate
  • Support quarterly (or as needed) program reviews (PMRs)
  • Write annual and final evaluation reports as needed
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