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E4S, LLC was founded with the idea of helping others. We endeavor to work with our clients to meet or exceed their goals. We believe this is best done by providing the necessary professional skills and constructively transferring our knowledge to our clients using a transformative leadership style. 

Our philosophies include having a growth mindset and using transformational leadership skills.

  • We are flexible: We easily adapt to new projects, work cultures, and teams. 
  • We believe in a growth mindset
  • We are problem solvers:  We work hard and we work smart.  Our goal is to get results to the deeper issues without negative disruption to the company.
  • We never stop learning:  We understand the importance of knowing about, educating about, and being flexible to use new technologies and knowledge.  We are able to use our skills and knowledge from our past broad experience base to solve new problems and challenges and to educate others.
  • We see the big picture and the small details:  We join the team without bias and with a fresh view, thus we can offer unforeseen insight that can solve problems. 
  • We listen first and speak second.

Key members of my team are provided below.  As necessary, we supplement the team with qualified individuals to ensure we are able to meet our customers' needs.


Dr. Cheryl Carrico - Educator, Evaluator, Researcher, and Problem Solver 

Cheryl owns E4S, LLC. Cheryl worked in the aerospace industry for over 25 years prior to obtaining her PhD and starting her consulting business. Cheryl held various program and engineering leadership positions including specializing in program start-ups, proposal management, and R&D with an application focus.  She received several awards recognizing her leadership and teamwork skills. Through her consulting, she has worked with a variety of companies, universities, and non-profits to improve productivity, conduct research, and teach - all in an effort to improve efficacy.  Cheryl volunteers for STEM outreach initiatives in Southwest Virginia where she resides. Dr. Carrico received her B.S. in chemical engineering from Virginia Tech, Masters of Engineering from North Carolina State University, MBA from King University, and PhD in Engineering Education from Virginia Tech. Dr. Carrico is a certified project management professional (PMP) and licensed professional engineer (P.E.).


Cynthia (Cindy) Rooney has over 35 years of experience leading and managing large-scale organizational transformation initiatives, including over 10 years serving as a Senior Executive for a large, technically complex and geographically dispersed federal agency.  Her experience includes: strategic sourcing; internal and external (industry) stakeholder management; designing and implementing organizational change; developing policy and implementing investment decision making processes and program management best practices; leadership and professional development and coaching; strategic business planning and metrics development, tracking, risk management, and reporting; and human resources and labor relations.


Mr. David Roache

David holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering from UVA.  David is currently seeking a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering from UVA.  His research interests include micro/nanomechanics, surface and full-field engineering, and additive manufacturing.

David has supported several projects as a process improvement engineer and data analyst.  David brings practical knowledge of autocad, minitab, and principles of lean to his consulting work.   

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