Education Services

We provide education services via in-house professional development and workshops.  Subject areas include engineering technology, engineering and project management, and engineering education.  We also teach via in-situ materials and processes with specialty in composite materials. 



  • Course subjects include
    • Manufacturing Cost Estimating 
    • Methods Design 
    • Quality Assurance & Six Sigma
    • Plant layout and design
    • Lean
    • Materials and Processes of composites
  • Courses can be tailored for a client and integrated into their current work situations.  We bring our courses to you and offer the flexibility of using actual work for the course projects or using our pre-planned projects. 
  • We do not lecture, we educate.  Active learning strategies, including project based learning, and actual, practical examples are used to educate students.  An environment conducive to deep learning and being able to transfer knowledge learned is fostered.  


Workshops are often provided in association with conferences and are available/tailorable for specific clients.  Workshops are developed with specific outcomes in mind and use a variety of teaching pedagogies.  Depending on the client's needs, artifacts can be developed and analyzed as a deliverable.


Presentations / Guest Speaker

We are available for presentations, guest speaking, and keynote addresses.  Typical topics are those related to our research and STEM outreach.  Prior to any engagement, we work with you to ensure we know the audience and the goals of the activity for which we are participating.  We want to motivate and empower the audience - not merely talk at them about what we know!


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